Vinyl Fencing

vinyl Fencing

The vinyl fence revolution is changing the way America looks at fencing. Nowhere is it more apparent than in the white picket fences that provide a welcome opportunity for front yard enclosure. Beautifully detailed New England style privacy fences offer a great alternative for rear and side yard enclosure too.

In the beginning vinyl wasn’t well accepted, it was downright expensive and only for the wealthy. That’s why it got a slow start. Then the price came down and the longevity went up so vinyl became an affordable option for most landscapes. We’ve done a lot of it within the last five years so it’s on everyone’s list – they see it and are attracted to it. When it comes to vinyl, people aren’t looking at all the details. They want a clean and simple look with easy care and functionality.”

Not all brands of vinyl fencing are the same, however. Low grade vinyl is notoriously vulnerable to degradation from exposure to high UV light and extreme of temperature which make it brittle and cause cracking early on. Only top quality name brands are selected by installation contractors who depend on a reliable product that lasts. This alone is a good reason to hire a contractor to install vinyl fences.

Vinyl Structure

Vinyl fence posts are hollow so they slide down over a wood fence post installed the traditional way.  The spans use lighter posts because vinyl fencing is counter-supportive and lighter weight than wood, so these posts are almost decorative, though they are thicker. Vinyl gates are lighter in weight than wood gates so we use them too. For really wide gates like those across a driveway, vinyl will often require some reinforcement to avoid sagging.

Vinyl fences are available in almost any style imaginable, but color is limited to white, light tan and dark tan. The unique details available such as lattice top panels or scalloped picket top panels offer affordable versions of otherwise costly wood-worked fencing. Creative details also make these excellent privacy screens for enclosure or simply a freestanding partition within the landscape.

Vinyl is a great problem solver elsewhere too. This is proving a popular choice for split rail fencing of rural equestrian properties where horses chewing on wood fences and the annual whitewashing are both things of the past with vinyl fence. Vinyl also offers a great alternative to tubular steel for swimming pool safety enclosures.